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Using Cloudflare Workers and Webflow

Hi there, I want to create additional routers (pages) with Cloudflare Workers on Webflow website.
I works great on different CMS, but with Webflow it’s quite harder.
I find some examples of code for Webflow - but it’s don’t work. Can somebody help me please?

addEventListener(‘fetch’, event => {

async function handleRequest(request) {

//1. Parse the URL to get some useful info
let parsedUrl = new URL(request.url)
let pathStripped = parsedUrl.pathname.replace(/^(.+?)/*?$/, “$1”)

//2. Webflow URL to forward your pages to
var forwardHost = “site”

//3. Paths you’d like to match and forward
var urlPatterns = ["/category/*"]

//4. Match the routes, and forward the request
if (urlPatterns.some(pattern => (new RegExp(convertToRegexString(pattern))).test(pathStripped))) {
return await fetch(forwardHost + parsedUrl.pathname, request)

//5. Return deafult response
const response = await fetch(request)
return response

function convertToRegexString(pattern) {

//Escape Regex expression
pattern = pattern.replace(/[|{}()^$+*?.-]/g, ‘$&’)

//Build Regex string
return “^” + pattern.replace(/*/g, ‘.*’).replace(/?/g, ‘.’) + “$”

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