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Help with Cloudflare Workers Bulk Origin and Webflow assets

Hi all, I need some help with Cloudflare workers. I’m not a dev by any stretch of the imagination and use Webflow so no-code, but I’ve got a Webflow project where I need to squeeze every ounce of speed out of the site and I’m trying it on my domain first. I’ve got a Pro Cloudflare account set up for the project, but my problem is that Weblow keeps all the assets like css, fonts and most importantly images on and not my actual domain, so Cloudflare is not caching or applying any performance enhancements on the images etc. as is not part of my domain as you can see from the screenshot:

I contacted Cloudflare and they sent me this Cloudflare Workers script, but like I said, no code experience here, would anyone here be able to help me out with this stuff from Cloudflare:

 * An object with different URLs to fetch
 * @param {Object} ORIGINS
const ORIGINS = {
  "": "",
  "": "",

async function handleRequest(request) {
  const url = new URL(request.url)
  // Check if incoming hostname is a key in the ORIGINS object
  if (url.hostname in ORIGINS) {
    const target = ORIGINS[url.hostname]
    url.hostname = target
    // If it is, proxy request to that third party origin
    return await fetch(url.toString(), request)

  // Otherwise, process request as normal
  return await fetch(request)

addEventListener("fetch", event => {

Any help would be much appreciated.