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Using an industry domain, i.e. - '' - SEO implications


Can anyone offer insight on this please? If you were to launch a new website for your business, for example - ‘Brand Graphic Design Studio’, and you were buying a domain name, choices being ‘’ and ‘’, are there any potential SEO issues if you were to have ‘’ as your master URL?

Of course, it would be good practice to buy and have it forward to

I like industry-specific domains, particularly because they invariably let you have a smaller web address and look better on business cards etc.


Shouldn’t have any implications SEO wise.

The only problem I can see is that some people may not know that is a TLD, so you will have to indicate that it’s a URL on a business card - either label it “Website”, or start with “http://”…

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Hello jamie

At this time, “different” domain names (.design, .shop etc.) are even less well-indexed by Google. Even though many say that the indexation would be the same.

I therefore advise placing the new website under a .com domain name TLD.
Forwarding the .com domain name to the .design domain name has no effect on Google.


Thanks both.

So at this point in time, using a ‘.industry’ appears to be more about marketing rather than a solid way to go SEO-wise?

Also, does having redirects slow page loading down?