Using a paid template - questions


It’s my first time using Webflow, and I bought a template to get started with designing my website. I have a few questions about some things I’m struggling with:

  1. Components: I made some changes to the top nav component and accidentally deleted the mobile button. Now I want to reverse this, but I closed the editor and realized this afterward, so I can’t undo. Is there a way to revert to the original nav that was on the template?
  2. If I make changes to some sections of a template, how can I find the original section design to use it on another page? I can’t seem to find it in the components or anywhere else.
  3. The default font setup is “rem,” and I’m not used to working with this. I’ve always worked with pixels, so because I need to build the website quickly and I don’t want to learn how to use this now, how can I change the default unit to pixels?
  4. Can I use this template for another website, or can a template only be used once?


Hopefully you made a clone of the template before you began modifying it; if not, than your only option is to restore from a backup, or to try to access a backup version and copy from there.

Same answer as above. When you delete/change, it’s gone from your working copy and exists only in clones and backups.

Yes, but it’s not hard to use. You can use both. If you try to change everything to px, you may see some anomalies in responsive views depending on how they were designed.

Only once.