User Login & Registration update


I’m only writing this in this Forum because there’s been a distinct lack of feedback from the Webflow team in the Wishlist on the potential for user login and registration functionality.

It is by far the most requested wish on the Wishlist (and has been for a LONG time) but the latest update from Admin dates back to December 2018.

We would just like some feedback. Please.

Yes, I am aware that there are other third party options out there including Memberstack etc, but I think a LOT of us are really keen to hear Webflow’s current positioning on this.

Please don’t refer me back to the Wishlist or to other similar posts in this forum, as they all date back-way-yonder.

If you’re in the same boat as me and desperately need this feature through Webflow and just really, really would like to hear from actual Webflow staff who are in the know about this topic, then let’s hear from you too!

Thanks for taking the time.