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Is there any webflow update regarding membership solution in this mid 2020?

How much longer we have to wait for webflow membership functionality??
Does it still possible for Webflow to be able to bring this feature of a fulfill cms
because I want to create a membership blog website?
Still, I have found no good news from anyone!
Should I give up on this feature??
I heard that webflow accumulated a lot of funds along with goodwill. Then Why so delay regarding the most useful features!!
Is there any hope? Or should I go for another CMS??
Please, anyone, give me a reasonable answer.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
(how to share your site Read-Only link)

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Completely agree Yusuf. Gated User Authentication is a huge deal for my clients at the moment and and a big need for Webflow’s growth.


Came here to see if there were any updates on the same topic. Working for client that wants to start a frequent flyer-type milage program. It’s at the top of requested features:

Add your votes!! Hopefully, we see it implemented soon. Other than that, there seem to be some options here: - however, I’m determining these for myself whether they can help us until Webflow has a native membership/user login solution ready.