User Accounts linked to CMS collection

I love the addition of the new User Account Beta, but I am curious if I am able to have a field on the CMS collection that references the user that created it.

Ideally, I would like to create a dashboard for each user that only shows information entered/associated with that specific logged in user. Is this possible???

It is not natively supported yet, but there are frequent requests for it in the BETA forums.

Today, you can accomplish an insecure version of this capability with some setup and automation, and a fair bit of scripting. But only if you’re OK with it being not-at-all secure. There is nothing to directly prevent Bob from viewing Mary’s data, if he’d determined to, so it depends heavily on your security concerns.

Incidentally I’ve been thinking about building this feature so I’m curious about your specific use cases.

The second question about the dashboard is also partly-yes. The /user-account page can only be accessed by the logged-in user, so you can have custom fields there showing user-specific info, and that info is safe. Urls pointing to external services like a dropbox folder, etc are pretty safe there, and you could script a UI on top of that to build a dashboard or sorts.

However the CMS data is harder because there is no way to filter it to “current user” server-side. You’d have to do that client-side, and that comes with a series of challenges to conquer. It’s probably better to wait until Webflow hopefully releases this, and plan around it in the meanwhile.

Hi @aguggs99 :wave:

Not out-of-the-box, it requires you to glue it all together (for now).

Webflow Memberships and the CMS are two isolated parts that have no association to one another.

But you can create that if you like.

A good approach, if this is an immediate need, is to snap together what Webflow doesn’t give you yet, and then incrementally replace it when they do.

To do this, you’ll need to sync some data whenever a membership is created or updated.

Luckily, this is really easy with Webflow as they provide Webhooks for you.

When a new membership is created (or updated), a Webhook can be automatically triggered and send whatever data you like into any CMS Collection.

You need something to link the two together.

You can use an email address or the user id. But once you do you can populate your “dashboard” collection with whatever is specific for that user.

As long as you send your users to a CMS Collection Page (their dashboard), you’re good to go.

A few people have asked for this already, here are a couple of forum posts that I’ve answered already.

They’ll give you an overview of the benefits, and drawbacks to taking this approach:

Hope that helps!

Hello @ChrisDrit ,
Thank you for your help.
I’m trying to create a dashboard with members infos using Logic.
When you are talking about Webhook, you means the webhook fonction in Logic right ?
I can’t find a way to make it work, I wonder if there is somewhere a tutorial to explain.

Hi Steffi, here’s a vid tutorial on connecting the webflow API webhooks directly to webflow Logic’s webhook trigger. Here I’ve done it on the memberships_user_account_updated webhook, since I only want to process active email-confirmed accounts. If you have a different use case you can use the memberships_user_account_added webhook.

Hi @steffi

It’s a bit confusing, unfortunately. There are a lot of technical terms that can mean different things depending on where & how you use them.

For a good high level walk through of it all, checkout my tutorial How to use Webhooks with Webflow.

When you are talking about Webhook, you means the webhook fonction in Logic right ?

No, I was speaking to something else.

In Webflow, you can create a Webhook that automatically triggers for you, for example, whenever a new Webflow Membership is created or updated.

When Webflow see’s this triggered, it will send that CMS item wherever you tell it to go.

In your case, you’ll want to send that new Membership record to Webflow Logics “incoming webhook” feature.

Webflow Logic will receive your new (or updated) Membership record and you can then create a new CMS item with it.

Here’s a quick, high-level walk through:

This should give you what you need.

Setup Webflow Logic with an “incoming webhook” trigger.

Then copy the url provided:

Head over to the Webflow Webhook Creator tool, this is the easiest way to setup your Webhooks.

Paste in the url you just copied:

Choose a trigger, either a membership added, or updated:

Take pause for a moment.

Notice all the options you have listed in the screen shot above.

Anytime anyone one of those happens, you can send it off somewhere and glue together some serious power with any Webflow site.

This process may seem a bit long, and manual.

But once you get the hang of it, it’s quick and gives you the power to extend Webflow beyond anything it’s capable of alone.

Good stuff :smiley:

The last thing to do is grab your Webflow API Token. The site has instructions on where to find that within your Webflow project:

Tap the “Create Webflow Webhook” button and you’re done, Webhook created!

Now anytime you create a Membership, Webflow will send that record to Logic.

Let’s test it!

Invite a new Memberships user:

Head back to Webflow Logic and tap on the test button:

Run the test, and success!

Add a “create cms item” action and you’re good to go :smile:

Those are the basics.

Once you have them nailed down you’re world opens up.

Hope that helps!