User Accounts linked to CMS collection

Hi @aguggs99 :wave:

Not out-of-the-box, it requires you to glue it all together (for now).

Webflow Memberships and the CMS are two isolated parts that have no association to one another.

But you can create that if you like.

A good approach, if this is an immediate need, is to snap together what Webflow doesn’t give you yet, and then incrementally replace it when they do.

To do this, you’ll need to sync some data whenever a membership is created or updated.

Luckily, this is really easy with Webflow as they provide Webhooks for you.

When a new membership is created (or updated), a Webhook can be automatically triggered and send whatever data you like into any CMS Collection.

You need something to link the two together.

You can use an email address or the user id. But once you do you can populate your “dashboard” collection with whatever is specific for that user.

As long as you send your users to a CMS Collection Page (their dashboard), you’re good to go.

A few people have asked for this already, here are a couple of forum posts that I’ve answered already.

They’ll give you an overview of the benefits, and drawbacks to taking this approach:

Hope that helps!