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Use Webflow CMS on other Community platforms

Hi there,

We are planning our Digital Platform including company website (I want to use Webflow), a deal desk in Salesforce and also a Community and Partner portal possibly using a solution called Lithium or Higher Logic.


Could the Webflow CMS be a shared CMS amongst different platforms using the API. In other words, would we display lists of documents on different platforms and the list of docs driven by categories?

Thanks for your help, I appreciate it!


So yoru question, if I am reading this correctly, is to use Webflow CMS as your main site? Host your documents on other platforms? and have Webflow pull them up within a CMS Collections list when they are published through those other platforms?

Is that what you are asking?

If so, YES, with a little setup and linking through Zapier you can do that, with some limitation.

Maybe you can explain a little more as to the nature of your files?

Hopefully I am reading this right?


Thanks for your answer and yes, I think you see that right. Let me give an example:

  • We are working closely with IBM and are developing some co-branded content like PDFs, Videos, etc.
  • We would set a classification calling this an “co-branded IBM” content or similar.
  • An external partner portal for IBM will query the main Webflow CMS, ook for classification “co-branded IBM” content and pull it over to this site.

Another idea is that via a good classification system, the CMS content could be pulled to different external sites automatically.

Does this make sense? - And again in other words: Does the CMS API support content posting on non-Webflow sites?

Thanks again for your help!

@Ocean9, to be honest I am not entirely sure what the API can or cannot Get or Pull. I would honestly submit a support request through @webflow Support.

I know you can pull data from sites such as Twitter and Facebook feeds and have it auto populate on a Webflow Site by using a Zap from Zapier. But I don’t really know how to answer your question.

I know using the API you can Push data to a CMS collection but to do what you are asking, I honestly do not know. Wish I could help more.

Send this link to your developer:

Hi @samliew, Can you please tell me if reference fields can be updated and created with the api? I know you can’t with zapier. Thanks