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From external API into CMS collection

Hi All

Can I pull data directly from external API ( - for example) into My CMS collection? I’ll really appreciate any knowledge information about.

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Yea, this is fairly simple if you use something like Integromat / Zapier.

You’d create an Integromat scenario that grabs data from the remove API, then connects to your Webflow CMS and creates a new item.

I have a bunch of screencasts that walk through similar setups, if this approach interests you I can link to them here for you…

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Yes, you can pull data from an external API into your CMS collection.
Webflow API deals with Webflow’s CMS and thus you can easily do it.
@ChrisDrit has mentioned Integromat / Zapier, try them and I am sure
it will help you out.

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Hi @ChrisDrit thank You for your reply. Yes I’ll be glad if you’ll link some resources in your next reply

Sure thing @Neshka

I don’t have any screencasts that walk you through exactly what you’re asking for but what I do have should give you enough to solve your problem.


The bit to pay attention to is the part that shows you how to add content into your Webflow CMS Collection from Integromat.

This one shows you have to access an external API (though, not the exact one you’re asking for) and get content from it. That should give you an idea of how to connect to the API you want and then in-turn (from the first screencast posted) you can add those results to your Webflow CMS.

I have many more screencasts on that site, click around, bit’s and pieces from various ones should give you everything you need to get this working.

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