Use nav bar button to same anchor point in different pages

Hi all!
I’m trying to set my “contact” option in the nav bar to always take me to the end of a page in my website, which has a contact form. Is the same nav bar in every page, same form, but in different pages. Every time I set the button to take me to the end of the page in “home” for example, I lose the link in the “about” page. What should I do?

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Luiza Marroig Portifolio

Hello @Luiza_Marroig, so what you have to do is to give the same id to your anchor link. I see that you placed and id on your from block for the work page and another id on the form block for the about page, you have to use the same id on each page, that way your nav link will work in all pages. I hope this helps.