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Use CMS to manage links to automatically redirect to another website

I’d like to create a CMS collection that manages other external links to other (affiliate) websites.

With my website,, I have links in each blog CMS item ( to other websites (

I’d like to store all of the affiliate links in the CMS, so that they can be easily referenced, e.g. instead of typing out each time, I can just reference a CMS page on my site, e.g., which will then redirect to the URL referenced in the CMS item.

I saw this answer from @Siton_Systems , which suggested I could achieve this with some custom code on the CMS page, and I’ve managed to get it to work with adding this before the

window.location.href = "{{CMS New Redirect URL}}";

My question is, is there any downside to achieving it like this?

Where you want to put this code?.. In all pages? In some pages? (“redirect” == No way to visit the “current - your webflow page” == SEO problem).

If you know the affiliate sites (List below the article) - it is easier to use multi-reference-field.

Maybe add a screenshot.