URL to published CMS page is returning a 404


I have a published CMS item for Connor Finlayson under profiles, but when I click on the corresponding page it returns a 404.

Other CMS pages work. It just started after turning on some conditional visibility for a content block (=-div) I created.



Edit: I have observed that all pages that has 2 or more projects listed in their profile return a 404.

Basically I have a div section in the profile that has conditional visibility - if a profile has zero projects the div block is not displayed, if a profile the div block is displayed.

It works up until the second project listed in the profile.

Hi @finlayconn

Thanks for posting about this – this definitely looks like unexpected behavior.

Can you please share some screenshots showing where and how your conditional visibility is set up?

​Thanks in advance!

Hi @finlayconn, an issue was identified that impacts to the page when some of the reference items that exist in the other collection are set to Draft status.

A fix is coming, however a workaround is to delete any draft cms reference values or to publish those so that there are no Draft reference values.

I will notify when a fix has been pushed out.

I hope this helps and thanks in advance.


Hi @finlayconn,

I just wanted to send you an update that a fix was pushed out for the trouble with the reference items set to draft. That should be resolved now, let know in case of any further issue.

Thanks in advance


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