URL structure for SEO

Hi! I am trying to implement a url structure optimized for SEO using collections and categories. I am launching a vendor directory that will have a vendor type + a state location + a city location. This is a nationwide resource so the possible vendor, state, and city locations are quite large and so static pages won’t make sense. How can I do this so I have the url will be optimized for the location and vendor type.

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Hi Jennie,

Webflow’s CMS and hosting solution doesn’t natively provide this but it can be added with a reverse proxy and some creative programming.

As it happens, I build these often for clients, primarily for SEO purposes, so I have most of the tooling needed to create most custom solutions.

In general, I recommend you have a consistent namespacing if you can to simplify things, e.g. /vendor/[state]/[city]/[type]/[vendor-name] If you have a unique path part at the beginning there it’s easy to isolate the logic for that path processing.

Likewise, you’ll need to redirect your actual collection pages, fix canonical URLs, rewrite the content you need and update the sitemap to match your virtual paths correctly.

Drop me a line if you’d like some help setting this up, and I’ll send you my details.