URL referrer how to prevent users accessing certain webpages

I currently have a subscription website using member-stack that allows users access to PDF’s if they purchase them. I’ve uploaded my PDF’s to webflow and I need to keep them private. I’ve noticed the URL is shareable so anyone who purchases the PDF can share them to friends if they wanted.

I don’t want to use a password protect for the PDF. Has anyone successfully used HTTP referer to only allow access to files if the user is coming from your website? Is this possible?

Any ideas how to keep members only content truly members only?

Yes, but it is not possible with Webflow. You would need to leverage a CDN or Host that allows it; S3 for example. With MS and WF your options are very limited.

Could I host the documents with S3 then only allow access to the document if they came from my website. For instance paste the S3 hosted pdf url on a webflow page. The user clicks it then directs them to the private pdf?

How would I go about doing that? Any more documentation?

S3 supports restrictions by the referrer. Read the S3 docs for more information.

The link would be to the actual file. That’s all. If you wanted to generate a unique file url for an individual that would take programming and an app. All AWS services are well documented.

Have you looked at Gumroad?