Urgent Project help

Morning one and all, Hope everyone is well today!

Ive completed 90% of this site and have a few lssues, hopefully someone here can point me in the right direction on to solve these issues.

  1. Home - Back to top button. I have created a snap-scroll effect on the homepage whereby the scroll is happening on a fixed container and not the page body, rendering Webflow’s page scroll interaction useless. What code can I add to ensure the back to top button scrolls to the top of the content?

  2. Home - Scroll to hide Nav. Same issue as above but on scroll I want to hide / show the nav bar.

  3. Slider not working on mobile - On the Kessler apartments page I have added a show to reveal slider. This works fine on Desktop/Tablet - but isn’t working on mobile. Any help to rectify this would be great!

  4. Images glitching - On iPhone when scrolling through project pages the images seem to be glitching.

Read-only link; Webflow - Arnold Studio

Hi Sebastian,

can you please share your staging link as well? It’s pretty hard to debug it only in designer mode.

When it comes your questions:

  • looks like links to sections are not working with a snap-scroll. You can try to scroll to the top using javascript
$('.back-to-top-button').click(function() {
  1. you should be able to build it using page scroll interactions

when scroll up, then move navbar to 0px

when scroll down, then move navbar to -100px

  1. Don’t see a slider element on Kessler page. although there’s a code in page settings, which probably is responsible for it. Can’t do much without staging access. From my experience Slick slider works better (in your case you can use a native webflow slider element)

  2. They are quite big, can you optimize them with tinypng? That should help with glithing I guess (though they works fine on my end)

By the way, we run a live webflow support for free. If you have any problem, feel free to contact us here: Webnomads - Special Forces : )



Thanks for looking into this. Live link is here; https://arnold-studio.webflow.io/

I’ve tried implementing the code for point one which does not working. The page isnt scrolling - only the snap-scroll wrapper - which is a fixed element on the page. therefore the page itself is static.

There is a slider on the Kessler page (beer slider) which is responsible for a layered image reveal - which isnt working on iOS.