Full page js scroll effect. HELP


I would love to implement THIS js from github to make the pages snap to viewport when scrolling. Like THIS

HERE is my share link for the test site.
HERE is a codepen tryout, that is not seccessfull :stuck_out_tongue:
THIS is the site I want to implement it on.

Can anyone please help me? :slight_smile:

Hi @krubens

Made a quick example of this in Webflow a while back you could use as a reference.


Live Preview:

*Note that this has continuous scrolling enabled but you can just disable that (or not) and play around with the settings from the documentation.

Hope this helps!
PS: Let me know if you need some help implementing this.

Thanx Sidney :slight_smile: I actually sent you a message a week ago :stuck_out_tongue:
Because I could’nt find out how it works.

So now I have copied all the codes you have Inside <head> tag and Before </body> tag

What code do you have in the Custom Code section on the website?

@krubens I’m sorry I must have missed that! :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s really all the code you need to get it working, now you need a div wrapper with the ID fullpage and insert div’s with the class section for each pane, give them a height of 100VH and you’re done.

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hehe… no prob :slight_smile:
I had some other js that messed up everything, now it works! :slight_smile:

Thank you so much!

No I just have to turn it off for mobile!

Looks like your example site is no longer up. What JS did you use to get it to work?