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Urgent problem with the action field (netlify form integration + probably others broken)

Hello everyone.

I’ve had Netlify forms working with many of my websites for years. This integration required a local address for the “Action” field.

Such as /thanks (netlify default thank you page).
Or /sent for a custom one.

Form Action 1

I used to be able to just enter this into the action field. But now I’m finding that the editor will apply “http://” in front of anything in there. At first, it doesn’t look this way, but when I go back into the form I can see “http://” in front of /thanks. So I get “http:///thanks” as the action. This has completely broken the integration for me and will eventually break all of working sites as tapping on any form with /thanks will add the prefix.

Form Action 2

Adding Https and the full address is not working (this is due to netlify requiring a local “/address”. Is there any way we can remove this forced prefix? Was this intentional? I don’t see the advantage in forcing this. Or a workaround?

Thank you.