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How to override the Webflow url field validation check

Hi there,

I’m using Webflow to create a front-end that I will then turn into Views on a MVC framework (SailsJS).

I want to be able to use forms in Webflow. I’m changing these to POST and then setting my action as I normally do (For example /testing). Webflow, however, shows an error if the action doesn’t have a filename at the end (Such as /testing.html), and this is not required in the MVC framework, so I have to remove it and just leave it as /testing.

If I do this, though, Webflow throws an error on the exported code saying “forms misconfigured” and pretty much refusing to work. This is not my first time using forms like this with Webflow so I think this change is recent.

Is there a way I can work around this? I assume I have to remove some piece of code in webflow.js so that it will allow my forms to work however I want them to?



Perhaps these topics can be useful

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If it’s still not what you need, try to search through the forum, here is many different posts about forms.


Hi @dbk, another way to enter the action url to whatever you want, is to use the backtick character preceding the url to use as an override, i.e.

`any url here

Then press enter after you put in your url.

The backtick can be found on most english keyboards: