URGENT! Export Product Data

Hello, can anybody help as I’ve exhausted sending requests for help to Webflow’s Support?

I am trying to export all information related to products listed within my clients website database.
When I do export all it exports are some information not all. Why is this?

Why can’t someone from Webflow send me the Data?


Here is my site Read-Only: [LINK](Webflow - Current RecommerceIT)

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Hey David, what did support tell you?
In general, they are the final word on what Webflow can / cannot do as a product.

The official guide is here-

Which indicates that custom fields cannot be exported.

Most likely, you’ll need to handle those manually, or look at a solution using the API if they are accessible there. @JudoHacker does PowerImporter pro support export for ECommerce Product custom fields?

Sadly, no, not yet. It’s coming soon though. We will email everyone who signs-up when it’s available.

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Thanks Michael, yes it does look like we can’t export custom fields, which doesn’t make sense.
I’ll try what you have suggested.