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Upselling with webflow ecommerce


Is there any ability with webflow to create upsell offers, either before checkout or post checkout using a one-click upsell functionality?

Also, is webflow ecommerce suitable for productised service offerings. Eg non physical products but not digital products either, basically a packaged service. Thanks


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Trying to figure this one out too!

Weird that there’s very few resources about using webflow for marketing funnels - what does webflow can’t do that clickfunnels can? (minus the speed of implementation in terms of functionality)


Hey @GrahamCox and @Christopher_Elamri

I am creating a solution for this very thing (

I truly believe Webflow will be the answer for many marketers who want a mix between clickfunnels and Wordpress.

So I see a true future for this functionality!

We’re not launched yet but would love to hear comments on what you would love to see in terms of use case!


Hey @GrahamCox and @Christopher_Elamri :wave:

It looks like I’m late to the party! I’m also working on an upsell integration in for Webflow. Flow Phantom allows you to build one-click, post purchase upsells based on the items in a shopper’s cart.

The upsells are made in the Webflow Designer, but the logic for the upsells are configured in the Flow Phantom dashboard. You can see a demo upsell by going through the whole checkout flow on Flow Phantom demo.

If that is the functionality you’re looking for let me know! I’m looking for people to join the Alpha.