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Uploaded header image not displaying?

I just inserted a header image and set it to cover and no repeat and its not showing up for some reason. Could someone take a look at it and let me know if maybe I have the class in the wrong spot?

What image should we be looking for, what area, what page? Could you provide screen shots of where the image should be and what settings you have applied so we can see specifically what you are talking about? I look at the homepage and see a hero image.

@jdesign its a pretty big mess. I cant figure out how to add a seperate header image for each page without it looking like crap! Everytime I upload an image it displays wayyyyyy to big. I only want each header image to be exactly 252px in height. But instead, webflow is displaying them really huge and bloated for some reason. I am talking about the page called MY BABY, and the header image for it is in assets its the one thats got almost a solid red/orange background with a baby on it. I want to figure out how to insert one of these images on each page of my site in the same spot. They have to be fullwidth as well. But its very important that their only 252px in height. Please let me know if you need anything else to help me out. The url for this is

Thank You

Hi @gschultz,

Sorry, you are having trouble getting things situated. I took a look and it’s not a Webflow issue but rather an issue with your image sizes, the size of the section you are applying it to and a few other things. Are you familiar with the various width, height, cover position settings in general for CSS? Webflow is using those standard CSS settings and applying them based on the instructions(settings) you assign to the elements. If you haven’t already, I’d suggest you watch the tutorials really closely, and maybe walk-thru rebuilding one of the demo projects…originally I watched them several times and it was a gigantic help – saved lots of time in the long run.

For this particular project…

On your “hero section” class you have a 100vh so that is going to make the image fill the page. When you apply the “hero section” class to the MyBaby hero and then use a background image that is 350px tall the height of the section and the 100vh are going to cause the image to stretch oddly. I suggest you either use “hero section” and then add a “mybaby” combo class – using “mybaby” to change the height settings to 225px…or create an entirely new class “inner-hero” and assign all the inner page hero settings to it.

Hope that helps.

@jdesign ya I figured it out. Thank you, I added a combo class to each pages’ hero section and that did the trick.

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