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Hero Element Not Showing ... Who Can Solve the Mystery?

Can one of you Webflow sleuths uncover the mystery of where my hero element has gone?

I added the image in the hero section (see below), but it’s not showing up:

This is how it’s supposed to look when done correctly. Is also supposed to do the “paralax scroll thing” as you move down the page:

Surprise no one has answered this man!

All you need to do is set that “Hero Image” class to the following settings:

Position: Can honestly be either Auto or relative, it’s all about the height & width that you let the div span.
Height: I put it at 60vh (which is 60% of the screen height), just type in “60vh” into the height field
Width: 100% width (can also use 100vw)

Then click on the background image and you can position it how you’d like it positioned in this pane and then style the other elements accordingly :slight_smile: :

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Thanks Waldo_Broodryk … I followed your steps and still no hero image displaying:

I looked in the Body style and it was set to “auto.” When I changed it to 100% it displayed the hero section, but now there is a white space under my last section “End Section.”

And thanks for the help./

Thank you for your help Waldo_Broodryk.

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