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Can I use my custom subdomain to externally host js scripts via FTP and load in Webflow?

Hey all,

I was wondering if it’s possible to load a custom js script, which is externally hosted on a sub domain, I created for my custom webflow domain.

Basically, I have and connected it to webflow. Further, I have created and want to upload a js script via FTP on this subdomain. Then I want load this script in webflow using the custom code section.

The reason I ask is that I find it a bit tiresome always to to update the code in the custom code section, publish the page and check on the live page if everything works.

Also I don’t want to use github.


Externally hosted scripts can be added to pages and templates just like you can with a regular website. You just need a plan that allows for custom code.

Thanks for your reply. Yes I know, but this is not what I was asking for.

If a script is hosted and publicly accessible you can include it. Can you host a subdomain, place a resource on it and make it accessible? Sure. What am I missing?