Updating symbols with different content from a CMS collection

I created a symbol with content fed by a CMS collection. I want to reuse the symbol several times, displaying different content based on the CMS.
The way I did it, any change I make to update the content updates all the symbols.
Is there a way to override the CMS content, so the same symbol shows different content?
Any help would be appreciated!

Here is my public share link:

I think you are a bit confused about the CMS and Symbols.
The CMS automatically displays different content - but in the same format. Eg. a blog page with heading, image, text, author. Each page is the same, the content is different.

A symbol is when you reuse an element - for example Navigation or Footer.
Symbol override is for using an element in different places with different content. For example you might want a three column with icon, text and call to action - on one page it’s full of info about hats, on another page info about shoes. The Symbol is the same, the content is different.

What is it you are trying to do?

Hi Jonathan, thanks for your help.
I want to have those “case previews” scattered trough a website and i want them to show different content based on the CMS source.
Maybe my approach is wrong, I’m just learning Webflow but the idea is to have that symbol made and then just have it updated changing the CMS source.
Any alternative approach welcome.

And this is how its build.

Yep, no.

Just use the CMS, but filter (Element settings - right hand panel) for the specific one piece of content you want. Symbols not needed here.

If you DIDN’T use the CMS, symbols would be great.

OK, but then all the “magic” of the symbols cannot be leveraged, like if tomorrow i want to change the behavior or the animation inside the block i’ll have to update manually everywhere, right?


Oh no… that’s the magic of the CMS…

erm… now my mind is doubting me…

No …it’s fine… you build a CMS “widget” with a heading, image, and text. Give each part of the widget a class. When you change the “design” of the class, it updates everywhere.

Try it and see!

Ill try that approach, thanks again.

Hey @oncold,

How did you solve this in the end? I’m currently facing the same problem as you. I also want to use the power of symbols (i.e. creating one design), but showing different content by filtering the CMS for different field. In my case I’m building a FAQ section. I’m filtering the relevant questions for each page by a category filter i’ve created.

Without symbols I would have to change all my FAQ instances if the structure (Not style changes) of the elements would change.

Back then I just repeated the elements because i didnt know how to use symbol overrides, if ill have to do that again, ill create symbols and override the content.