Create Symbol is not highlighted when I am trying to create a collection item layout into a symbol

I have a collection item that shows content from a CMS. I want this to appear in the same format in multiple pages. I was trying to create a symbol so I can reuse the component. but when I select the collection item or even the content inside it the “Create symbol” sign seems to be disabled. I am trying to do it from a CMS item template page.

Any help here?. cant we create re-usable items that can be used in different pages and linked to CMS.

Yes you can, please make sure you select the main container of the collection, Collection List Wrapper

And on the left go to Symbols and then click on Create new symbol or you can simply press Command + Shift + A (on Mac) or Control + Shift + A (on Windows)

Add symbol name and thats it.

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Awesome! thanks for that. I am able to create a symbol now. However, is there a way to modify the filter of the collection items per Symbol instance. if I make a CMS filter change in one - it gets applied to all pages. How do I use the override field to set different CMS filter values for each instance?


About CMS filter for Symbol instances, I’ve also thought that would be really a good to have. But as much as I know it is not possible right now. I looked for a while and didn’t find anything on it. If anyone knows do let us know.

For now what I’d do is duplicate the first symbol unlink and create new symbol. It is not having like one but I really think there should be such solution.