Updating existing CMS collection with CSV - not detecting existing items


I am trying to update my CMS collection with a CSV. Some of the items already exist so I would like them to update. I have made sure those items have their Item ID, Collection ID and Slug in my csv, but the import tool is not recognising that they already exist. Do I need to add more fields to ensure it recognises my existing items?

Many thanks

Consider trying out PowerImporter. It’s a tool that can make the process a lot easier. Unlike the native CSV import feature, PowerImporter can use any unique field value to find and update existing CMS items. Give it a shot and see if it solves your problem.

Hi @SanjayPoyzer Have you tried exporting your current CMS collection from Webflow, update the exported CSV and then import instead of using a different/newly created CSV?

I realised the problem was the Item IDs were wrong