Unwanted spacing between elements in mobile breakpoint

I’m satisfied with my website when viewing on a desktop breakpoint, but when viewing my published website on mobile, there’s unwanted spacing between an image and another element (see picture). This does not occur when previewing within the designer.

Read only link: Webflow - Erik Brice

Hey @erik_brice , I tested the live site on my phone, Android running Chrome’s latest version and I see no issue on my end.

Can you try clearing your browser cache, trying incognito mode or a different browser to see if the issue replicates?

@imtiazraqib hmm, that’s interesting. I’m using iOS and just tried clearing cache and using incognito mode in both the latest versions of Chrome and Safari and the issue replicates.

Any other ideas?

Still seeking help on this issue. Tried adjusting the div block layout settings (block / grid / flexbox / maximum height) to no avail.

Hey @erik_brice , this seems to be an iOS issue and upon inspecting this in Safari, i think I see the problem. The spacing that you see is due to your link block and the image is being contained within it which shows the empty spaces.

A quick and easy fix is to set your image’s object fit to cover.


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