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Unused div blocks appearing in style manager and html code

Hi guys.

I’ve been messing around with webflow, prototyping a redesigned website and I’m going to be sending through the code to a developer to have a look at. I’ve run into a bit of an issue and hope someone might have a solution.

The problem is that I’ve noticed a ton of unused div-blocks that aren’t present on any of the pages or in the navigator, appearing in the html code and in the style manager. Clean-up doesn’t work. I’ve tried creating divs and assigning them one of these unused styles and what I’m getting doesn’t seem to be related to anything I’ve made, yet apparently they’re everywhere!

Div Block 8 are the hamburger menu bars – I’ve tried renaming them but nada.

Any ideas?


Here is my site Read-Only:

Hi @artancient

Thanks for contacting us about this, that definitely seems strange - just a quick reply to say we will look into this shortly.


Thanks @Stu, looking forward to hearing back soon!

Hi @artancient ,

Thank you for your patience in being unable to remove unused classes from your project. I imagine that is not what you were expecting, but I’m here to help!

I was also able to reproduce the issue in a clone of your project, and I have notified our engineers of the issue.

Currently, I do not have a timeline on when a fix will be provided, but I will let you know as soon as one is available.

Again, thank you for your patience :bowing_man:

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