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• Designing With Empty State Divs

Has anyone noticed that the empty state divs occasionally snap back to their default size settings, even with heigh and width set?

This has just recently started happening, which I why I am opening a new thread.

Hey @Michael_Messina! Thank you for taking the time to report this, it definitely seems like odd behavior. I’d like to get some more insight into what‘s happening here—from the screenshot alone I can‘t tell quite is happening. There have been some discussions and decisions over the past few months where we’ve changed what qualifies as an empty element or not though that is still being refined from time to time.

To help us locate and reproduce the issue on our end faster, we would appreciate if you can provide additional details:

  • Which date did you first notice the issue?

  • Please describe the steps taken leading up to the issue occuring

  • Upload screenshots/screencast videos displaying the issue

  • Please share your project’s Read-Only link AND live site’s Published link:

    • The read-only link is a special url generated in the Dashboard to allow others to view your project in the Webflow Designer. How to get your project’s read-only link?

    • The published link is the subdomain where you can view the live site with any custom code running. It is important to share this link, as custom code does not run in the Designer.

  • Please also let us know what browser version you’re using by visiting and copying the share link here:

Thanks in advance!

I am having the same issue, where in the designer mode the empty divs dont display their size correctly.
Am in Google Chrome.

Same here! Has there been any fix / workaround found yet?

Hey Guys,

I have Exactly the same issue, which is driving my crazy by the way!

I also think I know when it started, the first time I noticed it was just after Webflow introduced the (amazing time-saving) Duplicate Class feature.

I started noticing random divs appearing on my sites at the default settings.

I am now certain that duplicate class causes the issue, I am not sure if this is the only thing.
I have made a test site just to demo this, see here…

I have also recorded a video of this happening, as soon as you duplicate a class, any divs especially ones that are set below the default 75px square size, revert back to their defaults.

The weird thing is that the bug doesn’t pass to the published version, also if you exit the designer then go back in the bug has disappeared and the divs are showing at the set sizes again, and lastly, if you adjust the divs after the bug has occurred, say for example, make them 1px smaller, they spring back to the correct settings (the bug disappears).

You can see all this happening in the demo video above.

One last but related minor thing, if the bug occurs after you duplicate a class, then exit to the setting window, then go back in to the designer, not only does the bug disappear but the duplicated class name also disappears (quite often).

Thanks Graham

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Hi @Michael_Messina, @Marcel_Deelen, @AtelierM3, @allthingsGJD thanks for your comments and descriptions. The issue is reproduced and as soon as I have more information on a fix/resolution, I will send you an update.

Thanks in advance.

Thanks so much Dave! Quite an annoying bug that happens frequently, can’t wait for the update.
Love what you guys are doing, keep it up!

When using DIV blocks to create shapes or lines sometimes they appear really big and wrong, see two screen shots below. It doesn’t happen all the time but quite often, both on Chrome and Safari browsers. A quick fix is to refresh the page but if I create a new style name or change something it jumps back. It’s annoying and slows down or


How it should look…

I’ve experienced this as well. If I refresh it seems to work for a while. Seems to pop up more if I mess with the position of different elements.

Hi @Jordan_Horstman and @Sprackhaus, this is a known issue at the moment, the dev team is working on a solution and as soon as a fix is applied, I will let you know here on the post.

Thanks in advance.

I am also experiencing this issue and hope a fix will be coming soon.

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