Unreliable 'visibility & user access' results

Is anybody else experiencing unreliable/unexpected results using the ‘visibility & user access’ conditional visibility settings? These are the setting the allow you to show/hide an element based on whether the users is logged in or logged out.

I have noticed a problem when you are using user access dependent visibility in a component (nav bar, in this instance) – what is strange [maybe useful to know for now] is that the problem only occurs on pages where the component with VUA settings is the only element on the page using VUA settings, if I use VUA settings on another (none-component) object on the page, the settings in the component magically work too.

Hey Max, merry Christmas.

Yes, have a look at the Membership BETA forum, this is a known issue and the Webflow team is working on it. Currently the conditional visibility feature doesn’t work correctly inside of components.

Using CV on another element that is outside of a component is a known temporary workaround.

Merry Christmas to you Michael. I’ll check the Membership BETA forum next time too, thanks for the heads up.