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Unordered/ordered tags, when?

Hi guys!

Webflow is awesome, but you really should implement ul/ol/li html tag support because it is basic html stuff and basic for seo.
When can you implement ul/ol/li ?


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Hi @Peter_Ny

Yeah, support for lists is something that we have on our list to add into Webflow. It’s behind some other awesome additions/improvements we are working on first, but we’ll get there!

Quick question, is your main need to create simple text lists with these elements? For example, basic numbered or bulleted lists within paragraphs? Or are you looking to do more advanced things with the full ul/ol/li flexbility?


Actually, I am creating a site and that contains the list of the product features with ul/li.
I need to create simple text lists without tree/hierarchy, but with css classes for ul/ol/li.
I would use the css to change the default bulletin to my own tick icon, and of course define font, size, color, margin, padding etc.

So it would really must have feature. I think Listing is basic in html.
Of course i could listing with “a” links, but it is not professional solution for seo, the ul/ol/li tagging in the right situation on the page is really important. I think you know what i mean. :slight_smile:

Thanks, that’s helpful!

Yeah, we totally understand that lists are an important and fundamental component for many websites. It’s definitely something we’ll be adding in the future – but we aren’t working on it right this moment :-/.

We’ll definitely keep your vote in mind when we prioritize the next batch of improvements to work on, though. Thanks for the feedback!


Then i need to use it in embed tag, just i don’t really know how seo ready/friendly anything in the embed tags. I supposed that publish important text content is not best solution in embed tags.
Have you got experience about seo in embed?


@Peter_Ny Re: SEO, the embed blocks aren’t any different than regular HTML, so you should be fine.

It’s just a way to manually insert HTML without having access to the tags via our style editor.