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Is there any way to add nested lists in Rich Text field

I am trying to add nested lists in Rich Text field in while making collection template but webflow is not supporting list inside a list. Is there any other way to handle this.

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Theres no way to currently do this within the rich text. What you can do is fake it by using a header like h6 for the main list item and a list underneath for your sublist. You can also play around with ordered and unordered lists as they don’t share the same styles and potentially indent one longer than another.

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That’s what I’m talking about when I say Webflow is very limited when it comes to blogging.

To Webflow — If you wan’t to compete with WordPress (and you should) why don’t you just developed it to a reasonable level so we can all do basic stuff like nested list!

It’s really annoying that you can’t do nested lists in Rich Text.

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You can always use HTML in the custom code block you can insert into a RTE.

            <li>Blue cheese</li>

Everything is custom code. All basic functionality is missing — if I knew I would never transfer from WordPress.

Why do I need Webflow if I have to use custom code for everything? How am I going to add custom code to 80 blog posts and for each H2 or listicle? — that’s crazy.

Also looking for a way to have nested lists in collections. Are there any new tricks to do this or is the only way to add an HTML block?