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Destroy div relationship

Hey, I’ve got a more general question. When I duplicate a div, in another div, and I want to move the duplicated, sometimes I can align them vertical or horizontical but mostly they are just duplicated and combined in each other. I cannot move the one out of the other, because they are parented or what else.

Normally to go through this I create a new div instead of copying both so they are not paranted, but to align this one etc. I need so much time. Is there a possibility to dublicate the div and distroy their relationship?

Hello @rico80

Have you tried deleting the class name for the parent div?

If I delete the class name, all the setting for margin adjust etc. is resettet. Its like the div is newly created. Better would be, If I could just when I duplicate the div in the other div align them through the display setting with flex layout. But these divs never align like in the pictures

Maybe I’m not understanding completely what you want to achieve.

Can you share your preview link and if you have screenshots or examples of what you want it’ll be great to help you out better.

image upload

see img above, where i explain the problem…

Can you share your read only link please?

You can just duplicate the class name instead of removing the class, then rename the duplicated class to whatever you like