Universal combo class?

In HTML and CSS (when not using Webflow) I can create a class of margin-top and apply it to any other element I have.
The problem is in Webflow that I can’t do this. If I create a combo class of margin-top to an element (let’s say h2) it works fine, but when I create the same combo class for another element I don’t get the same effect, and I need to set the margin-top again.
is there any way to create a class that I can put on every element without the need to create a combo class over and over again?

I’m working with 8pt system for all margins, paddings, width etc… I want to create universal classes like .margin_top1 , .margin_top2 etc…
if I want to change the margin_top1 from 16px to 24 px I will have to change it on every combo class! this is a lot of work!
any ideas?
Sure I can always write costume css to target the specific class I created in Webflow , but just want to hear more ideas

Hey @alonlu, usually I would create another page that contains global classes. In the page, create dummy elements with the class & style you want. I.e. create a div box, give it ‘margin-top1’ as the main class. Give it 16px margin and nothing else. Now you have a .margin-top1 global class you can reuse.

I’d do this to all heading classes as well to save time.

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