Endless combo classes

I’m trying to wrap my mind around something, trying to figure it if it’s some fundamental Webflow shortcoming, or if there is some hidden (because it’s definitely not obvious) trick to avoiding it.

The issue I’m having is the nonstop turning of everything, into combo classes.

Let’s have a scenario, I make a few classes for colours; .bg-danger, .bg-warning, .bg-success etc. Then I make another class .button where I have a couple selectors for typography, padding etc.

I then create a new button, and add the class .button to it and a class .bg-danger - if I’m just writing the code, that’s the end of the story. Clean, simple, no issues.

If I do the exact same thing in Webflow, the moment I create a button with .button and .bg-danger, in addition to those two separate classes, now I have another unnecessary combo class. Do the same process for .alert, .badge, a handful of other standard elements you would find on a page, and instead of having 20 classes that cover everything, you have about 300 combo classes.

The issue is then further multiplied if instead of creating that button by adding .button and .bg-danger, you first add .bg-danger followed by .button. If you’re just writing the code, makes no difference unless you have conflicting selectors. If you’re using Webflow, now you’re stuck with even more useless combo classes, a .button.bg-danger and .bg-danger.button.

Now you’re 10 minutes into a simple project with a handful of basic pages, and you have hundreds of useless duplicate classes which have been generated with the problem being multiplied even further by the useless Style Manager.

Is there something that I’m missing? Am I looking at the Style Manager incorrectly? Is there some special way of creating or adding classes to an element that doesn’t instantly generate new classes out of it? Will the Style Manager ever be anything more than just an unsorted pile of classes?