Unique Navigation Header and Footer for Specific Customers

Hello, I looked at Webflow localization and personalization features and I don’t see anything that fits this bill. So I apologize in advance if I placed this in the wrong folder.

Anyhow, I’m mapping out a new site for a new client. We have a dilemma:

We need two different site navigations based on customer profiles:

Primary Nav for organic traffic: home (logo)servicesabout uscontact

Alt Nav for promotional, direct traffic: home (logo)servicesabout uscontactspecial offer

The special offer nav link can only be visible to customers who receive a special promo link.

I know there are SEO ramifications to having duplicate sites with similar content.

Any recommendations on how to handle this? Can I only show the link to customers who arrive via a specific link?

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
(how to share your site Read-Only link)

hi @billy_jinx what about URL query parameters? You can set in promotion link a query parameter let say promotion and set it to true or false and show or hide element based on this parameter value. Something like https://clentwebste.com/?promotion="true"

Here is one page to read about how to GET parameters. Feel free find more about how to set and get URL query parameters eg on MDN or other videos or articles.

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Thanks, @Stan! I will dig into this. I appreciate the reply!