Persistent URL parameter

Hello, long-time lurker, first-time poster. I do not have a read-only link to share so I will try and type out my questions as best I can. I wasn’t able to see or find any answers in the Webflow forum or blog, but happy to look into anything if someone can point me in the right direction.

I should also say I am a Project Manager for a web development company with limited dev experience, but this question came to me after watching the Ryan Renolds Landing page course.

I have a client who currently creates landing pages through WordPress … it’s a bear, and I would love to try and convert them after watching that course. The one thing they have currently that I can’t find an answer to is the integration of a persistent URL parameter. They currently drive traffic to these landing pages, but the URL parameter stays with the user even if they don’t fill out the LP form.

As an example, a user would land on the page from a Google ad banner but immediately click on the logo to take them to the homepage vs engage in the landing page form. The same URL parameter that was appended to the landing page URL to track them from the Google Ad banner stays with them on the homepage and/or any proceeding page after. Is that something that can be done through Webflow?

Again, happy to review any source or provide more info if people have questions.

Thanks so much

Typically on Webflow I handle referrer tracking by capturing the URL parameter on the landing page and storing it in sessionStorage. Then it’s available when needed, e.g. to submit with a form.

If you really want it to appear on the querystring throughout, you need to capture that param from the querystring and then apply it to every other link on the page using script, so that it gets carried through navigations.

The Sygnal Attributes library does that-

Thanks, Michael. Super helpful!