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Unique Hover Effect - Can it be done in Webflow

Can u go to this site and look at the Top Menu (Hover) and let me know if Webflow can do this?

I tried for a time, getting it to work, but nothing I tried worked. It would seem possible, but I cannot seem to get there. Any direction you could provide, would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

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Hello @jdbrowningjr, I don’t see any top menus on the site but rather a menu located towards the bottom of the screen. Is this the menu you were referring to? If so, this can definitely be done in Webflow. :grinning:

Oops… you are correct, it is the menu at the bottom. Thank you for your response, that it can be done in Webflow, but can you point me in the right direction? :grinning:

Open this site in Webflow and go to the loading button. You will see the interactions placed on it as well as the hover effects. From there you can recreate it. Although he did a line you could instead do a background for the button.

Hope this helps. :grinning:

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