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How would I create this?

After looking at the website
I noticed a cool hidden menu effect I would like to learn in webflow.

If you look at the top of the website and hover over one of the links “Dancing with the stars” teen mom" or “kardashians” you will see what I mean.

Can someone help me with this? I’m not sure exactly how I would create this with interactions. I don’t know whereto start with this one.

Here is my public share link: LINK
(how to access public share link)

Hi @Cara,

Not sure which menu you’re referring to because those links appear differently from what I’m seeing. Check the video…


I’m so confused. When you go to you dont see this? (attaching screenshot)

I opened your link, and this is what I got…
Maybe they have different versions depending on the country?


That’s weird. Your website link sends me to (United Kingdom).

Agree with @IggsTP, different countries see different websites belonging to one company.

I would love to help but it’s impossible to see what you need. Maybe record a screencast?


But I think the effect is the same.

I think what @Cara wants is a “open on hover” effect:

You can style the open div as you wish (to fill the width of the window) and it will open when you hover :slight_smile:
Is this what you want to build?

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Yes the effect is the same for both websites.

Ok thank you. I wasn’t sure where to begin. I didn’t know that the drop down menu could be customized like that. Cool! Thanks.

Thanks @IggsTP. I wasn’t sure which menu @Cara was referring to as there is a hidden left slide-in menu and a dropdown.

No worries @nwdsha :slight_smile:

@Cara Webflow allows you to customise pretty much everything :slight_smile:
All you have to do now is add a drop down menu, delete the arrow icon (if you want), then open the menu and edit the Div to your preference :slight_smile:

If you encounter any problems, let us know and then we’ll help as we go along :smiley:

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