Unique CMS Collection Item

Seemingly simple issue here: I have a CMS collection list populating a list of sections of a page based on the names of events (events that the CMS is defining and storing). I simply want each each event name which is being grabbed from the CMS to function as it’s own individual link to that section of the web page using the ID anchoring.

However, when I try to map any one of the links to a section, all of them are affected.

I’m having similar issues, where I want to add say a slider or text box to one collection item that is unique to that collection item without populating the other items.

Is there any way to give these links and other CMS collection list content specific unique items for itself?

This would be such a useful feature if it doesn’t exist: a sort of “unique CMS lock” that can be activated for any item in a collection list, whether it be populated with auto-CMS content or not, so that part of the CMS list item is consistent, and the rest completely unique. I suppose that would require these locked items to be tied to THAT CMS item specifically.

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You should enter a link manually to the direct links like www.domain.com#anchor Then it should work as long as you are on the right page.