Unintentional delay in page interaction when page loading

hi there,

i can’t figure out why my interaction is being delayed. i want the page interaction to load from left to right immediately when opening the website. currently, the page is loading immediately in its entirety, and then going into the interaction with a delay.

Here is my public share link: dana-bug-co.webflow.io

Here is the read-only ink: read only

You can create a div on top of all layers (high z index), with position absolute and full screen, with white bg. You can make it Dispaly - None. In Interactions create a new page load interaction. When page starts loading - display the white div to visible. Then when page finish loading, display div - none. And then you animation (with no delay).

Hi Eli,

Thanks for the reply. The weird thing is, this was working initially (i’m using a template), but I was just wondering if I added something within that may have tampered or changed the interaction.