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Prioritize "Page Load" interaction

Hi dear all,

I have set up a page load interaction so that my website is “hidden” by a massive full screen div for half a second, the time the layout needs to load behind it… after .5 second, the interraction fades out, revealing the layout. (interaction is to be found in: Event folder > Event 01)

Screen recording:

Read only link:

The problem is, even-though the interaction is set to run on page load, it happen a few milliseconds after the very layout I’m trying to hide is being shown. In the Webflow designer preview however, everything works as expected: the page load with the white div masking the entire page, then fades in after 0,5 seconds revealing the layout underneath.

My question is:
How can I prioritise this onload interaction so that this is the very first thing the browser sees and loads ?

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Hey @anthonysalamin

In your page Header code, try adding:




Clever !
Thank you so much !
That totally did the trick !

Much appreciate :slight_smile:

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