Unexpected text in Google search list display

Hi there,

Does anybody know what is causing the following?

Doing a search in Google for a client, ‘Imagespace’, Google gives the expected results to Imagespace but alongside the Imagespace logo in the result is a reference to ‘MEVA bildgebende Systeme GmbH & CO. KG’. This is unexpected, and not what we want to see.

Here’s what it looks like in Google. The red underlined is the unwanted text.

On investigation, MEVA are suppliers of some of the x-ray machinery used by Imagespace (can find them here https://meva.org/), but the Webflow site itself has no reference to MEVA in any way at all. We don’t know why it’s there or how to get rid of it.

The site has the google-site-verification code added.

It doesn’t happen in Bing or DuckDuckGo.

Does anybody know what might be causing this to happen, and how to fix it?



It’s a total guess, but if Meva added your domain URL to a Google Business Profile or to a Google Ads account, they might be shown as the owner.

I filed a report for you to indicate that the listing is incorrect, you can do that under the 3 dots.

I’d recommend setting up your own Google Business Profile for Imagespace as well, it should help clarify the company name and logo to present for that domain.

Adding some JSON-LD to describe the company could help too.

Are you based in Auckland? Haven’t met any other Webflow people here yet.

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Thanks Michael, I’ll look into what you’ve suggested.

Seems odd that MEVA would add another company’s domain URL to a Google Business Profile or to a Google Ads account though?

Yes, I’m in Auckland. I’ve been using Webflow since 2018 now.


It does. Maybe a rogue marketing intern trying to boost brand SEO?
It’s just a guess. Typically I only see that association formed in those 3 scenarios.

FYI, the Google reports via the 3 dots must have done the trick as Google’s no longer referencing the foreign text.

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