Excess/wrong info showing up on google search results

Hi all,
Hoping I put this question in the right category, and please excuse any lack of certain techincal terms…

Client and I just noticed that when google searching for the company/website, the search results have some extra words there, and I cannot figure out where this is pulling from on the backend, or how to fix it.

Specifically, as shown in the attached screenshot, the main title shows up as “Ajatus Consulting Logo” instead of just “Ajatus Consulting.” The same is happening under the “Who We Are” description. It is listing the items in the navigation menu, (“Ajatus Consulting logo. What we doWho we areConnect with”) instead of the info I’ve written into the SEO description.

Any suggestions? I’m hoping and assuming this could be something very simple, but SEO/backend is just not my specialty.

Thanks in advance!

Here is my site Read-Only:

Published site: https://www.ajatus-consulting.com/

Hey Amanda

As you wrote correctly, Google should take the info that is written in the SEO title and SEO description in the page settings.

Did you change the SEO text in the last few days?
Google sometimes takes up to 2 weeks to update things like this. So its possible that you just have to wait a little.

Google has pivoted on much of its excerpting strategy and is using AI much more heavily to create the excerpt content.

Recently they’ve announced that the excerpt description is primarily build from the content of the page, and -might- include content from your suggested META description.

For titles, I haven’t seen a specific mention of changes there, however you can debug it through the cache to see what Google is actually indexing. You may have H1’s where they’re not helping you, or a rogue script that is changing things, and Google’s indexing those results.