Underline in menu

Guys, I’m trying to achieve underline effect like this one:


To do so, I use transparent border and then interaction on hoover which changes border color. But then strange thing happen - my border animates in black colour first, then changes to color which I set by interaction. How to change it and make way I want to?

Link to project:

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Guys, can you help me?

I’m desperated because simple tasks in Webflow are starting to be more complicated than they should be - I have no clue why my transparent border is black, when it should be in turquise color according to my animation:/

You can do this easily by using the hover state of the button and add a bottom shadow but it won’t grow from one side to another. You can make it grow upwards though. Other than that, it would be an interaction on a separate div that sits below the link which can get very messy very fast.

If you are new to webflow, have you watched a lot of tutorial videos already?