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Bottom border on current state bug

This has to be a bug because it previews well and it also works well in incognito but not on regular chrome.

On my Nav bar I have a bottom border for hover state and a different color for current state. The “current” state nav link underline color is #e49b24 that stays on as long as you are on that page. When I preview, it works fine but when I go live it shows black in chrome, however, if I use incognito it shows the right color(as it shows in preview). This is the page: Please open it in chrome and you will see that the window transformation link in the nav bar will have a black bottom border but if you see it in incognito, the color is orange. I don’t know why it’s showing black. It should always be orange.

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Any ideas what’s going on here?

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Take a look ar the image below.

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Hi Jeff,

In the pic, the “visited” state shows a width of 0 and a style of X. When I click on the bottom border of that combo (Nav link white, selected, current, visited) I show a transparent color. If I click on the center white square, it does show that black color but no border width and no border style. I still changed the black to transparent and it made no difference after I published. :confused: Am I missing something?

Changed that black to #e49b24 and it worked. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction,