Unbind an old collection and bind it to a new collection?

I have unbinded a collection wrapper, and then bound it with the new collection, - but it does not work.

What should I do?

Can anybody help me? Thank you so much

Difficult to know. You have 18 collections. Which one are you having issues with, and which area of the site contains the template or collection list that you’re attempting to rebind?

Her is the link. - Link have changed

My apologies, I originally thought you’d share the homepage. See screenshots below. You just need to unbind one link first, then you can reassign the list.

The next image where you point to Bokamerkir is wrong, - it has to be Bokamerkir Grønland.

  • but unfortunately I can’t get it to work for me.

It has to be this: Files | Adobe

  • and I can’t find out of the image: Files | Adobe . What shall I do here??
  • and here is the Grønland copied collection, regarding to the image: Files | Adobe

Ok, I was matching the collection to the title you have at the top of the page.

I’m looking at your share link again and I see that the list is now connected to “Bokamerkir Grønland” I’m assuming you’ve figured it out. ??

I see that you have not assigned a size for the links or the images. This is why you’re not seeing the full image.

yes, - I can’t figure out to do the size???

I don’t fully understand everything you’ve created or why, but my quick investigation below shows one way to reveal these images.
(Note that there are numerous ways to make them visible, this is just one quick way to do it.)

Thank you SOOOO much for helping me!!
I made one as you say,

  • but unfortunately, the size was not correct. Now the text of each bookmark is not in the middle?
    I think this is the problem: Files | Adobe

Unfortunately, it’s important that this question be entered as a new post, since the subject has evolved from binding cms data to design/layout. Please post a new question for this subject. Ultimately, this issue is stemming from your arrangement of using background images vs. using a standard image.

I don’t understand?

That’s no problem at all! Others can help you regarding the image sizing question, but in a separate post.

This is in the Webflow forum rules. If a question has been resolved from the original post, additional questions need to be made separately. The reason being that this post will come up for others who search “Unbind an old collection and bind it to a new collection” and it’s important that additional questions are not part of this thread.