Unable to sign in ("This account already exists")

Hi, I’m unable to sign into an existing account using Google. From the Sign In page, I’m directed to either enter my email or sign in with Google… but when I sign in with Google it says I can’t because “This account already exists.” Anyone else run into this issue?


Having the same issue right now as you posted this. Previously today it worked, now it dosnt, so I think its from Webflows side.

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Yep! I am also experiencing the same issue.

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Same here, too. Started about an hour ago for me when trying to access University pages.

Me too, very weird. I tried to log in via Google and it doesnt work too

I’m in the same boat—someone pls help us all!!!

I fixed it. You have to reset your password and after reseting it, you will be able to log in

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@timq thank you sir, this fixed it as well for me.

@timq thank you 20characters20characters

I was able to log into this forum but not the Webflow design studio (same Google account). I’ll wait to see if Webflow fixes the issue rather than changing my password. Thanks for posting!

Same issue here. Unable to sign in using google authentication

Same Issue! Please help

Hey everyone

We are investigating reports of issues logging into Webflow through Google Sign In.

While investigations continue, you can reset your password using the “Forgot Password” link and sign in with your credentials instead of Google Sign In.

Update: this issue was resolved at Jan 11, 2024 - 02:14 UTC