Cannot login, redirects to Webflow Homepage

A year or so later, this is still an issue!

I can log in to Webflow with one account (a separate paid account) via Google sign-in, but the other I can’t.

Trying to login with Google Sign in just bounces back to the Webflow homepage, no reason, though sometimes shows the ‘Rate Limit Hit’ error before bouncing back.

I can’t remember whether I closed this account down, but trying to ‘Create an Account’ also tells me the email is in use. Doing a password reset gives me ‘invalid password’ error, no matter even if I make a password with 20 odd character, specials, upper case ,lower case, or just a simply 8 character. Nothing works.

Google sign in with this account also not working. I had this issue maybe earlier this year or a year ago.

Multiple browsers tested, including chrome, same issues, it’s not browser based. GOtten rid of cookies and cached files, no change.

What the heck?

Also tried VPN, no change

Hello Webflow? Any response to this?

Hey Andrew—in my experience, this sort of problem is usually swiftly resolved via direct email to

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