Unable to select pages in link block

I’m trying to link both buttons & text, I’ve never had an issue before. Suddenly, I now can’t link any of my site pages in any of my link blocks.

My site pages will show up in the link settings drop-down menu, but when I click on ANY of my pages, it resets to “choose a page,” and nothing happens. I can link to page sections and URL’s with no issues.

It’s driving me nuts. help!

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
(how to share your site Read-Only link)

Hi Megan, can you please share a read-only link?


Thank you. I can’t really find the issue you’re describing. Is there a specific link/button you’re having the issue with?

Have same problem from yesterday to now

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Having the same issue!!!

Same. Looks like this is a current bug of some sort, and looks like other people are experiencing the same with CMS items.

I have the same issues!!!

This is not an issue with my actual site. I can’t physically select a page to link to in the webflow designer so you would not be able to see this issue on my site.

I’ve been having this issue since last week. Unable to link to any page in the website.

That’s when it started for me too!

I sent a support request, let’s see what they say. Very irritating indeed.

I got it. It’s Chrome. I used Safari and the link block works as expected. Try clearing Chrome cache and restarting.

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Use the Webflow Designer in Safari , Edge or Firefox browser as a possible workaround as this issue seems to be related to the latest version of Google Chrome browser version 124.

It is a google chrome cache bug. Just remove cache and it should be working as supposed to!